"WhatIWear" Fashion gathering in Seoul

Good morning!

Last night I and another bloggers had a chance to meet up in Seoul with help WhatIWear team. It was a little bit sad that not so many people came but we still had fun!
I want to share how went our meeting.

First I want to say "Thank you so much" to my beloved husband  for his support and understanding. He came with me on this meeting. ;)

I want to introduce bloggers, whom I met yesterday.

1. Julia
I know her before this meeting and we became friends after our first meeting in Seoul. She is a mother of 2. Julia is a blogger of her lifestyle in South Korea, most of her time she spend with children.
Also she has a great taste of fashion and very interesting life. You can check out her blog or find her in Instagram @liascupofcoffee.
I felt in love to her bag>>>

Here is my successful shots of her:

2. Hanul

She is an illustrator and very talented person. Hanul is not a fashion blogger, but she loves fashion and inspired by fashion bloggers. Her arts is amazing, if you interested in an illiustration you should visit her blog or find her on instagram @myselfwool.

Because Hanul is very shy person, it was hard to take a pic of her. But here is some.

Here is a detail from her look, I love her star tattoo and cool shoes.

3. Jina

She is a fashion blogger from Korea. Jina loves shopping and twitting. She makes also cool videos with English subtitles on Youtube. Her blog is in korean, but if you are korean or speak at least korean you should visit her blog or find her on instagram @kjn331

 I loved her stunning short with amazing print.

4. Elyse

She is a fashionable teacher from San Diego, who works in Korea. She speaks Japanese and loves to travel.  Elyse loves fashion like we all and she tries to stay in trend.
Check our her blog or find her on instagram @nofixedstar

I love how she mixed colors.

Bob is a member of WhatIWear team, he introduced us to his team and told us about their goals, also we got free drinks and we wrote some notes, what we are waiting from WhatIWear team. Also Bob made for us a little photoshooting, we are very excited to see our pictures in their website. 

Here is some pictures of our meeting in Seoul:

About my look I will post later, just hope you had fun to read!
Our evening finished with great meal and chat about our life.
Good luck to WhatIWear team and thanks to bring us together!

Here is cool video from Jina, check it out

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