Summer Make-up

Hey my dear!
Here is a wonderful video of summer make-up.
I worked with a great team LOOK.TM when I was on my vacation in my home country Kazakhstan.

Make-up by Aziza McCarthy
Video by Gulnar Tyndybaeva
Step 1: Apply the lightest shade of palettes Atelier PALT09 on the eyelid.
Put a pink tinge right in the middle eyelid.
Step 2:  highlight the corner of the upper and lower eyelid to the darkest color palettes from Clinique Plim Sedution.
Step 3: Apply black shadows to the line along the top edge of the fine brush.
Step 4: Apply on the inner corner of the eye a light shade of shadow palettes Atelier PALT09.
Step 5: apply the black pencil on the lower eyelid and to shade with cotton swab.
Step 6: use  an eyelash mascara Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme
Step 7: use a lip gloss  Estee Lauder High Gloss Ultra Brilliance.

thank you so much to the team of Look.Tm

For russian readers , you can find by

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