Street store

Life in Korea is pretty interesting for shopaholics. Korean clothes are everywhere!
I will explain what does it mean, that you will have imagination about it.

When you will go out from your house,  you will meet an old korean lady sale some cute socks. After you are walking to the metro and underground you will find a lot small stores, they can sale shoes for very low prices, blazers, bags (what is my weakness), jewelry, tights, cute dresses, skirts, shorts, phone cases etc. You are going crazy because you want to buy everything. You will see a lot of shops everywhere, every street has a store, all ladies or old men will sale their stuff everywhere even on the metro. It is kind of interesting experience.
And this time I couldn't resist, I got a new cute dress. Because Korean girls loves to wear very short dresses and skirt, for me it is a little bit hard, but I am learning ;)
To not feel that my dress is too short, I decided to wear comfortable flats from H&M and matching clutch from Love 21. 

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