Shine bright like a diamond

Good morning, sweeties!

Today I am in the mood to wear my red H&M pants and my new blouse from H&M, which I got on the sale in Seoul. My necklace is from H&M also, but I bought it in Germany.

Red color is my favorite, but I noticed that most of my time I wear more blue than red. It means I should get more red dresses and maybe I need to put on my wishlist red shoes and red purse ;) Hehe

Have you ever visit korean underground stores? You should go there! It is a huge market system here.
I love korean underground shops, because they have a lot cute things and you can get for very nice prices. My new comfortable shoes I got for 15000 korean won (14$). They made in Korea ;))))) I bet you that you will enjoy it, but be careful some of them will try to make a price higher than it is ;)

Have a nice day! XOXOXO

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