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Hi, my sweeties! 
Today you will have a chance to know about me and my style a little bit more. 
The Kazakh portal of fashion and style Look.TM in Kazakhstan will open the door into my life.
Thank you so much Look.TM for interview.

Look. TM :  

Diana -The blogger, traveller and a girl with heightened sense of romanticism told Look.TM how to be inspired by Gangnam style and live in an international marriage.
Diana is from Petropavlovsk (North Kazakhstan), studied in Germany, and is living in South Korea now. During her last visit to Kazakhstan she answered on my questions and took the time for photo shooting in the spirit of fashion street.

Look.TMA little bit about yourself: who are you? and what are you doing?

Me: I am a housemaker for now, and having recently graduated, I am interested in fashion blogging. I love to post my pics on Instagram.

Look.TM: I know that you have a real international family and a great romantic story about love.If it is not a secret, can you tell us about it more?

Me: When I first met my darling, I thought that he was from Kazakhstan, but he was actually Asian-American. We talked for maybe 10 minutes and I left my email for him so we could chat later more. I was not thinking that it can be serious. He left to Afghanistan for a year, but he had a chance to come back to Europe after a half year. We decided to meet finally in real life.
I arrived to Paris 2 days early, felt so nervous. We decided to meet up by the Eiffel Tower. When I came there, there were a lot of people. I tried to find him, but it was unsuccessful. Almost crying I decided to go back to the hotel, but then I saw him. It was an amazing minute like in the movie. We run fast to each other, hugged and kissed. It was our first kiss under the Eiffel Tower. My eyes were full of tears.

Look.TMReally? under Eiffel Tower? a first kiss?

MeYes! I found out later that his flight was delayed. It is why he came later.

Look.TM: What else can I say...

Me: Maybe, I am a lucky person. And even he proposed to me like in a movie.

Look.TM: Maybe it is a fate. Come on, tell us about it.

Me: It happened on 27 December. I was enjoying my holidays in the States with him. where I visited his family in Seattle. It all happened suddenly. One evening he asked me to dress up very nicely, because we are going to a very special place. It was a beautiful tower with wonderful view of the City. The Space Needle. After dinner, we ordered dessert, as usual. I did not understand what was going on, as he went down on his knee. He opened a box and asked, "Will you marry me?" I thought it was a dream. How can I refuse? I said "Yes" and everyone started to clapping.

Look.TM: I would probably be embarrassed or feel awkward in this situation. But I do not need to navigate- I am totally unromantic person. And the two of you who are more sentimental? Who is poring more tears over melodrama about love?

Me: Of course, me. He is a man, he supposed to be more restrained. But both of us are very romantic. Always prepare each other gifts and surprises. I still give him postcards and he gives me flowers or some jewelry.

Look.TM:  And now you are living in South Korea, right?

Me: Yes, we are finally together. I moved to Korea this March, before I was living in Germany. And our relationship was built on distance. Of course, I visited him as often as possible. But now I finally moved to him, because I graduated from my school in Germany.

Look.TM: So, your relationship demonstrate that a distance relationship exists.

Me: Yes!. Unlike the boys from Kazakhstan, they are afraid or just did not want, or they can not.

Look.TM: Afraid of what?

Me: Distance

Look.TM: you want to say, they do not trust?

Me: Yes.

Look.TM: My favorite question to all international couples- do you feel a difference of education, traditions and daily life together? For example, you want to eat meat for breakfast and he wants to eat toast and pancakes?

Me: I think, it all depends from a person. I am, for example, quickly used to everything. And about my darling, he loves and respects everything about my culture. We visit sometimes a Kazakh restaurant in Seoul. He loves our food, but if he doesn't like he will never tell about it like a real gentleman.

Now I praised him on the entire Internet ( laughs).

Look.TM: Tell us about your style? what do you wear or what do you buy?

Me: I love everything simple, no frills. In my wardrobe you will not find anything black, except shoes and bags. I love jewelry, small details. I am not crazy about brands but have favorite stores like Zara, Forever 21, H&M.

Look.TM: When we made photo shooting for this article, your style reminded me of the South Korean. Heavy boots with a light chiffon maxi skirt, accessories.

Me: I think so too. I like their style. I guess, you can see only there sport boots with dress.

Look.TM: Why?  I wear sport shoes too and dress. I think whole Europa does it too. And Seoul style is more eclectic, and your style mixed. Discreet, I can say.

Me: To be honest, I saw only on you sport shoes with dress. Most of the people in Kazakhstan wear more classic  and you have always interesting looks.

Look.TM: where do you get inspired? do you you know any famous bloggers in Korea? Or Seoul street is better, than any bloggers?

Me: I met one of Korean blogger, I like her style, Her name is Jina. We met up in Seoul for Fashion gathering. The Gangnam  is just super, every time when I go to shop there, I forget my camera.

Look.TM: Tell us about your hair. How often do you dye your hair?

Me: I am so tired to take care of them. They need a lot of attention, especially when do you dye them very often. This was my first time experiment to dye so light. I like it! But in the close future I will cut them short.

Look.TM: Let's finish our nice conversation on positive note. Can you make for our readers an interesting reportage about Seoul Fashion?

Me: Sure. I would like. But  here is a little problem, korean girls are very shy. And I would try to get them to pose for me.

Thanks a lot to Gulnar Tyndybaeva.

Text translated by me.

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